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Carreg Beef

Carreg Beef

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Discover Our Signature Beef Box: A Pasture-Raised Culinary Delight

Selling a limited quantity of boxes each month.  

Indulge in a culinary delight with our Signature Beef Box - a thoughtfully curated selection of premium beef cuts sourced directly from our sustainable farm. Each box offers an assortment of succulent steaks, tender roasts, and flavoursome ground beef, all picked to elevate your dining experience.

Our pasture-raised cattle, graze on nutrient-rich pastures by the sea, resulting in exquisitely marbled meat after years of breeding. From farm to table, our commitment to ethical farming practices ensures that every cut delivers exceptional taste.

Savour the richness of our pastures with our signature Beef Box and relish the true essence of top-quality, pasture-raised beef.

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