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Fferm Carreg Lamb

Fferm Carreg Lamb

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Introducing Our Premium Lamb Box: Embrace The Finest Pasture-Raised Flavour

*Selling a limited quantity of boxes each month.

Buy yours now with first dispatch in June*

Embark on a culinary journey with our Premium Welsh Cross Lleyn Lamb Box - a selection of exquisite lamb cuts sourced directly from our sustainable farm. Each box boasts a medley of tender lamb chops, succulent roasts, and delectable ground lamb, thoughtfully chosen to elevate your dining experience.

Our pasture-raised lambs graze on lush Spring and Summer pasture, imbuing the meat with exceptional tenderness and a rich, natural flavour. From farm to your kitchen, our commitment to ethical farming practices ensures that every cut is a testament to the pure essence of pasture-raised lamb.

Delight in the superior taste and quality of our premium Lamb Box as you savour the richness of our pastures with every mouth-watering bite. 

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